Laura is teaching Alexander Technique through remote teaching and movement coaching.  The principles and applications of Alexander can still be learned through online lessons via Zoom or FaceTime.  While Alexander will not be hands on during this period, students can still develop new skills and agency over their body, breath, and thinking.

Contact Laura for information on remote/outdoor teaching.  We may be limited in our contact, but we remain limitless in curiosity and potential.

Alexander Technique with Laura

Located in Los Angeles, CA

How I fell in love with AT

I came to the Alexander Technique as an opera singer looking to free my rigid body and shallow breathing and
to enhance my abilities as a performer. Alexander Technique became my secret weapon; after a lesson, everything was easier. I was finally getting out of my own way! Later in my life, I sustained a neck injury that was so serious it not only jeopardized my singing, but caused a great deal of pain in my day-to- day living.  It was my Alexander Technique teacher who made the greatest impact on my recovery, helping me to calm intense pain and muscle spasms and rediscover my body's natural harmony and coordination.


What is the Alexander Technique?

Alexander Technique is moving, breathing, and living easier. The Alexander Technique is a method of examining how our habits interfere with our everyday lives and developing intelligent solutions.  Alexander Technique is not learning to DO something new, it is learning to UNDO the habits that stand between you and your potential.  


What happens in an Alexander Technique lesson?
Alexander Technique lessons involve hands-on guidance from a teacher, engaging in movements and activities to explore how your mind and body are at work.  Such activities may include sitting, standing, walking, or performing the activity that brought you to a teacher in the first place. While the lesson can feel therapeutic, you will be mentally engaged throughout.  You may walk out feeling a new sense of ease, lightness, and awareness that can eventually become your new normal.  Lessons are often one-on-one, but I am also available for small groups at my space or large group classes if a large space is available.  There are many ways we can explore the Alexander Technique!

Alexander Technique Helps You

Boost Performance

Improve Coordination and Balance

Reduce of Pain and Excess Tension

Overcome Performance Anxiety

Breathe Easily

Manage Stress

Improve Posture

Find Ease in Any Activity


Unlock. Unwind. Undo. Enjoy.  


Laura is certified to teach the Alexander Technique by the American Society for the Alexander Technique.   AmSAT-certified teachers have completed a comprehensive training over a minimum of three years at an AmSAT approved teacher training course.

For more information about the Alexander Technique, visit The Complete Guide to the Alexander Technique 

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